Billy the Elephant

Please watch our video about Billy's suffering the Los Angeles Zoo here:

            Billy the Elephant at the Los Angeles Zoo

           Billy the Elephant at the Los Angeles Zoo

Billy's History:

Billy was born in Malaysia to his wild Elephant family and was acquired by the zoo at the age of only 4 years old. In the wild, a 4 year old male Elephant baby would still be nursing and completely dependent on his mother and the other female relatives making up his family unit. He would remain with his family until between the ages of 11 to 14, when he would venture out to join a nearby all-bull group. It is then that the second phase of male Elephant socialization begins. The young bull would learn how to be an adult male Elephant from his elders. As an adult male Elephant in the wild, Billy would be socializing within his all-male group, forming life long bonds of friendship, mentoring young bulls, and interacting with female herds for social and procreation purposes. In the wild, Elephants are rarely alone.


Below is a video, taken on June 21, 2016, of Billy exhibiting the swaying behavior that is typical of Elephants in captivity and is a desperate attempt to cope with trauma and despair. This behavior is not seen in wild Elephants.